Aperçu Indonésie

As the largest archipelagic country in the world, Indonesia is blessed with so many different people, cultures, customs, traditions, artworks, food, animals, plants, landscapes, and everything that made it almost like 100 (or even 200) countries melted beautifully into one. Every island here is a unique mixture of natural splendors and different cultures of people who live upon it; from the vibrant tourists’ paradises of Bali and Lombok to the mysteriously shrouded cultures of the Asmat in Papua and those who dwell the highlands of Toraja in South Sulawesi.

Capital : Jakarta

Population: 261 million

Currency: Indonesian rupiah (Rp) (IDR)

Local Time: GMT + 7 to +9

Telephone Code:+ 62

Electricity: 230 volts at 50Hz AC. Two-pin sockets (Europe Standard).

Baggage Clearance: Baggage is cleared at the first airport of entry in Indonesia.

Voyages Indonésie

Résultat: 3 Itinéraires
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Délices de Bali + Thaïlande 17 jours

À partir de: CAD$3199 p.p.


Durée: 17 Jours

Style de tour: Tours Multipays

Le Conte de 2 cités Bali & Ubud 14 jours

À partir de: CAD$2899 p.p.

Bali - Ubud

Durée: 14 Jours

Style de tour: Tours Classiques

Super valeur Bali 9 Jours / 14 jours

À partir de: CAD$2299 p.p.


Durée: 14 Jours

Style de tour: Tours Classiques


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